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Brand Guidelines

Here you will find all the necessary and updated information regarding the Amazon Music logo style guide: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IxNrtK62i1DnKjFRsTrPOcaSgUb8diHr

Here you will find logos and instructions for use: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/14hEgcZQ-By68Eg1PtAT5hzPE-Izn6Dpd

Images of Artists: specifications


  • 500 x 500px (minimum)
  • No more than 5MB
  • Jpeg or png
  • Avoid text, logos and noise


  • 1920 x 1440px (minimum)
  • No more than 10MB
  • Jpeg or png
  • Avoid text, logos and noise

Amazon For Artists

Amazon for Artists is Amazon's new tool that provides artists and their teams with information about their fan base and the performance of their content on Amazon Music. You will be able to see information about:

  • Streams of songs and albums
  • Positioning in playlists and radio stations
  • Geographic information of listeners
  • A 'Voice' tab that includes a breakdown of how the artist's music is performing across devices
  • voice control - including artist, song and lyric requests.
  • In addition to the total listeners, Amazon provides a breakdown on diehard listeners - fans and super fans -
  • so that artists can focus on growing these audience segments.
  • Update your profile picture and background picture

More information at http://artists.amazonmusic.com/

Access Artists/Managers:

  1. Download the App in the Apple Store or Google Play Store / Access via https://artists.amazonmusic.com/
  2. "Sign-in using an Amazon.es account
  3. Once signed-in, simply follow the Artist Claim process.

Important, in the process to claim an artist you will be asked to connect to the artist's social networks. This is the most reliable and fastest way to gain access. We understand that if this person has access to manage the social networks of the artists, he/she can access the Amazon Music 4 Artists data of this artist. If this is not possible, the following can be communicated:

  • A link to the artist's official website where you can see that the e-mail address being used to claim this artist matches the one listed as the artist's official contact.
  • A link to a social network where this same email appears as the main contact.
  • A link to the manager's website showing that this artist belongs to this manager's roster.

These three options are validated manually, therefore we recommend using the first option that appears in the sign-in process: connect the profile to the artist's social networks. If the manager has several artists, until the first claim/claim is confirmed, no more artists can be claimed.



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